Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing

Port Credit is considered the third best Pacific Salmon destination in North America by Outdoor Canada Magazine.

Only 20 minutes from downtown Toronto, Port Creidt Harbour Marina is home to “UnReel Charters” offering the two largest charter sport-fishing yachts on the Great Lakes.

Lake Ontario boasts the largest variety of freshwater fish in the world. Through natural reproduction and the Federal and Provincial Governments aggressive stocking programs for Chinook Salmon and Rainbow Trout, Lake Ontario is a favourite salmon destination. Toronto is home to the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. “The largest freshwater salmon derby in the world”. The derby runs for 7 weeks each summer and awards over $270,000.00 in weekly prizes, including a new Toyota Rave 4 each week for the biggest Chinook salmon caught. When you book with UnReel Charters we offer each person a Free Entry into the Great Ontario Salmon derby. A $115.00 per person value.

The Chinook salmon grow to over 40LBS and hooking a big one is like hooking onto a freight train. It really is one of the biggest fishing thrills you can experience. Fishing starts the beginning of April and finishes in the middle of November.