Terms and Conditions

By booking a trip with us you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out below.

When we host your charter, tour or manage your booking we have your enjoyment and safety foremost in mind. A wonderful and memorable trip depends on how all those aboard act and respond in all weather and water conditions.


Fishing Licences:

A licence to fish in Ontario is required for Ontario residents, Canadian residents, and non-Canadian residents ages 18 to 65. You can buy and print a fishing licence online by visiting https://www2.on.wildlifelicense.com/start.php?lang=1

Your Captain:

Each trip begins with a briefing to familiarize you with the boat, gear, safety, fishing, tour, beverage, meal features and operational requirements. We want you to feel informed, aware and comfortable in order to enjoy every moment aboard.

  • The Captain’s decision on the day is final in all matters relating to the vessel and its tender(s).
  • Instructions or advice given by the Captain or Crew on matters of safety must be observed by all on board and clients must, at all times, take all reasonable precautions for their own and other’s safety.

Your Liability:

  • Children age 12 and under, must wear a MOT approved PFD (personal flotation device) and may only be carried under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.
  • Neither the Captain nor crew accept any liability for any accident or injury incurred by any passenger on board the vessel engaged in fishing, angling, diving, sightseeing, photography, filming etc. caused by the actions of any other passenger on board however occurring.

Alcohol Management:

  • If any passenger engages in behaviour causing danger to themselves or other persons or property on board including consumption of alcohol to excess, then he or she will be put ashore at the earliest opportunity and will notify the Authorities as may be necessary.
  • Any such passengers shall free and release the vessel owner/Captain from any liabilities, incidental costs or responsibility arising out of any breach of this condition.
  • Any breakages, loss of equipment provided or damage on board as a result of clients or clients guests, behaviour , irresponsibility or carelessness will be charged to the client.

Bookings and Payment:

  • Payments must be settled before departure, either in advance or on the day.
  • If you book for a set number of passengers you will be charged for any shortfall on the day of departure.
  • The Captain of the vessel reserves the right to cancel or transfer a charter to the next available date, agreed upon by both parties, at any time up to and including the scheduled time of departure, due to actual or predicted weather conditions and/or safety concerns of any kind.
  • Unreel Charters reserves the right to change any advertised price without notice.